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I am Tia " Tammise" Rodgers , I am glad that you took the courage to bet on yourself and start creating the life you create instead of the life you are given to live. In life there are no guarantees however, as individuals we have the power to create the life we desire when we take control of ourselves and our lives.  As each day we have a choice to decide to become a winner or just ride the roller coaster of life.  What if I offered you the opportunity to build your very own roller coaster ride in life?  Would you be interested in learning more, learning how?  Are you willing to show up and show out every day in order to make this roller coaster ride manifest in your life? 

The exploration of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in various aspects of life, combined with a deeper perspective on consciousness, growth, and the challenges of navigating one's path, is both thought-provoking and holistic. Let's delve into these interconnected ideas:

The true excitement came from putting our ideas into action and really get busy working toward our dream vision. Throughout the process of becoming the change that you wish to see is going to take you through a process of unlearning what you know and relearning something you didn’t know and so you begin to realize that you can do what you want to do without any limits if you build the structure correctly and it is going to take more than just us to get things up and going. Now we were no social butterflies so having to get out into our community to let others know what we were doing was and still is challenging. In the building process you may feel like nothing you do is working but believe us when we say it’s doing something just don’t give up before you actually manifest it to our reality. Along this journey you will find you the true essence of you at your core center.

DEI and Human Consciousness: Diversity, equity, and inclusion are not just external practices but also reflect a higher state of human consciousness. When we embrace DEI principles, we elevate our awareness to recognize the intrinsic value of all individuals, regardless of their background. This shift in consciousness is fundamental in dismantling biases and prejudices.

Don’t expect to get it all right fresh out the gate even if you should get lucky and hit some successful periods, there will always be times when life will have you dig a little deeper to provide even better content that will reach even more. This is the time to practice grace and patience with yourself. Stay away from comparison of yourself verses others as your unique gifts are especially coded for your and it will never appear as someone else nor will you be able to over periods of time.  It’s in this process I like to call getting to know the true essence of your being as you grow into your authentic self, don’t worry when you begin the process of self-love, when you love yourself, others will too.

It’s growth at your own pace space and time, this is not a race it’s your life that you’re living and even if you wanted to fast forward it, you couldn’t. Travel your journey and enjoy the process as you uncover and discover new things about yourself, your world and the life you live along the way. Practice gratitude in your journey as it will set the tone of everyday you are blessed to wake and create grow and develop as you evolve throughout your life time.

Personal growth and development are intimately linked to our ability to expand our awareness and understanding. By engaging with diverse perspectives and challenging our preconceived notions, we foster personal growth and contribute to a more inclusive society.

How many times do we have a plan and then not so much change the plan but deter from the plan intendant? Like reporting to a job that allows matching or non-matching contribution retirement plans and some people invest and some people don’t they feel that the money put towards investing for later is taking away from their present.

I cannot count how many times one has express the importance of investing in retirement programs that employers offer and if they don’t match it definitely make sure your investing at least 5% to 10% in yourself. Should for whatever reason the job should end you would have built yourself a little nest egg to work from if you had to, unless you’re relocating and changing employers most will allow you to roll it over to the next company should you choose that option or another rollover plan of your choice.

Surprising many people don’t think that way they see their job as just a job and not an investment. Some employers offer company share investments it depends on the company but the way the economy is going cutting hours back, shortage of staff, many small companies aren’t able to offer those options to their employees so it makes it even harder to begin.

Yet, it doesn’t have to stop you as there are many opportunities to begin building a portfolio that will be there when you need it most. On our YouTube channel there’s plenty of options discussed on restoration, building, maintain and more when it comes to investing into your life portfolio and wealth building. Starting and establishing working banking relationships with your area Credit Unions is a good way to start as well stop in and see what they require to you as your becoming better at building and creating the life you deserve to live.

Awareness of where we are helps in the journey the ability to take action also makes an awesome impact to your self-esteem, self-image and self-worth not that your living is equivalent to dollars and cents but the quality of the life you live may play a factor.

How good does it feel when you can pay all your bills and have a little something extra either to save invest or spend. It’s a great feeling that provides a glow like no other to know you got this and are doing it very well. But when you struggle to pay the bills and have little to nothing to save and or invest, you may feel a little different and when you train your mind to think differently in the process it’s challenging because your reality is telling and showing you what is right in front of you and what you have to work with at the time.

But after you identify the program that is going to work for you and your brain muscle workout building skills you will come out feeling like a hero. Because you are it’s important to remember that feeling as your living out your process of becoming the change you need to become better not as long as your frequency is fluctuating just know that you are on fire darling. You’re feeling the emotions, having the thoughts anxiety still showing up doing the things that are within your power to create the very life you are working towards. It’s so simply we really make it harder than it is especially when your practice of visioning and imagining the life you consider better for you maybe unclear in the beginning process if you’re not familiar with the process skills and steps need for you to take to reach the starting stages of freeing yourself from your mind and connecting to the realm that becomes unmeasurable yet believe that you have what it takes to manifest it into your life.

One could say that there is a stage in all our lives where we have had to put others before ourselves for some it’s becoming a parent and parenting, for some it could be having to have taken on adult responsibilities early in age, these are just two factors that can play a part of the hypothesis made as there are plenty of life experiences that can change us or alter how we think, the emotions we will have to evaluate and direct them as when not properly align to who we truly are as a being, how we choose to manage invest spend not only our buying power money but our time what percentage is put toward rest__________%, planning_________%, working _________%, creating_______----_______%, where are the gaps and list them________%

What percentage is growth and development_________% what percentage of building is applied_________% How much of the work is completed by you_________% How much will be sourced out and how much knowledge do you have in the sourced out work prior to identifying a qualified independent contractor operator and or partner___________%, _________%

Depending where you are at presently you may know or you may not know this information as of yet but if you have an idea then you know fill it in it’s for your eyes to help you assess where you’re going or where you need to implement to move it right along.

The wealth gap in today's economy is indeed a significant concern. It represents the disparity in financial resources and opportunities among different socioeconomic classes. It's essential to acknowledge that the ability to work and start a business can play a pivotal role in narrowing this gap and improving the overall economic well-being of individuals.

Business owners often work long hours, which can impact their work-life balance and personal well-being.  A healthy living, nutrition, exercise, and dietary choices. Let's address each of these areas:

  • Regular exercise has numerous benefits, including improved cardiovascular health, weight management, and reduced stress.
  • Tailor your exercise routine to your fitness level and medical conditions, and consult a healthcare professional if needed.
  • Managing medical conditions often requires a personalized approach that may include medication, dietary changes, and lifestyle modifications.
  • Regular medical check-ups and communication with healthcare providers are essential.
  • Healthy living involves a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains.
  • Regular exercise, sufficient sleep, and stress management are also key components.
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