Chapter One - Get in motion and take action .

Prepare practice and stay consistent are just a few component's towards living the life you create. It requires continuous education self improvement and the faith that what you want out of life vision you create is worth all that you commit to putting into it.  For example our brains sends signals throughout our whole body giving us the honor to walk talk speak and so much more yet we only use 10% of it’s total full capacity. An then there is the scientific part that simply generates questions and curiosity of what if and is there a way to solve it energy things we try to explain and measure yet it simply is what it is as the universe does what the universe do and that’s always and forever evolving. Leaving proof that possibility exists in every aspect of life and living the life you want to live.

It as if some invisible force holds us back when we just accept what is giving to us, as information and it’s source will always come from the speakers perspective of their life journey and the road they traveled and many times paths cross in lessons and periods of life journey and depending where you see yourself at that time will determine what you walk away with from the entire learning experience that sometimes has you repeat some steps and or start all over. So it’s good to watch study and take key notes of others that are and or will be useful to you at some point in your journey as your growing.

You are seeking more out of life yet your giving very little energy to making sure you get it. It’s like speaking to someone that talks about always wanting to get away and when you ask them do they have a passport they respond not yet, I’m gonna get it.   And what you don’t know is that we were once that person until the day we decided that in order to see the places we want to see it required us to take the steps to obtain and complete the forms for our passports and once we receive them start knocking something’s off the bucket list. 

See in life the words we speak the energy we carry impacts the world we create for ourselves.  That’s the science part we often times can’t really see yet it impacts our life in some way positive and or negative and sometimes both. The really freaky thing is it can impact others at the same time so it’s almost next to impossible to totally seclude yourself from the world although the pandemic showed us that anything is possible however, we adjust and learn how to control our own words and energy to ensure we are sending out positive light into the  world because we never know who we will touch and or inspire to stop waiting and go for the live you want to live.

We find that with all that there is to learn about life and the space we live in it’s the people you meet along the journey and those you hold dear to your heart that truly makes it all worth wild. This chapter of the journey is  different in ways that it leaves you know other choice but to take a deep dive into who you are as a person and what you truly contribute to others. Sometimes who we think we are we really are not and when you take the time to unpack all the things you can’t change or the things that were moments in your life you were powerless over and realizing that today you hold all the power of how your life will change.

You may even have to come to grips with the fact that you have been your problem the whole time and that hurts like no other. So what do you do? You deal with it and or ignore it and deal with it showing up over and over again. It’s definitely a choice. We found the blame game to be short lived and avoiding it didn’t serve us in no way so  we decided to just deal with and be who we are born to be and love who we are as we are becoming yet still grappled with who we are being in our doing? 

Are we being in our doing a reflection of who we are becoming or who we were in our past and we are dragging it along into our present being and doing?  So your dreams are to become what and or who?




Everyday people



A wander and or drifter

We all want to be something in life even if it is just being the best parent you can be it’s something we like to be know as and or good at that people will remember us by right?

That’s how we created How to Win In Life Win In Business and Love What You Do the course.  The original design of the course was to help other independent contractors, first time start up business owners, coaches mentors and teachers how they can start their business structure right from their homes while they worked their jobs and generate another income source for their household. 

We grappled with our message as it deals with financial issues that have solutions should you need to improve and or begin developing better financial tools as your living life. We call it simply living life and many times although we were earning money we were not necessarily tracking it to make sure it was going where it would serve us best and we realized from conversations that the issues we were having others were having as well as some of those bad habits that we think are hard to break when really we didn’t want to break them because we are comfortable with them.

Our comfort zones are and can be dangerously harmful to our progress in life. Imagine if we never pushed the bar on what we think limits us?, How about pushing the limits on getting out and doing something we have never done before or even try another way. It’s not so good in the beginning but everytime we push on it get’s better as we get better.

In our course you get the frame work needed to begin starting your business as you learn your business and the structure in which the laws of compensation as it applies to your ability to remain coachable through your enrollment and boarding period terms depends on how quickly you pick up the skills needed to make your life business a success for some they get it down packed in the first six months and others may take some time based on their willingness to show up and participate in their own rescue in there life and business.

In this course you will get the outline of what is needed to formulate your business plan what is required when you earn $600 dollars or more. We also have leaders that have decided to bet on themselves and start their own life business adventures and are sharing their knowledge with you and more. We decided to be the example for our community and not only tell you but take you on a journey with us of our building process.  

There is free trail enrollment period where you get to take advantage of the lessons inside and should you decide that the course is helpful to you in your life building stages. This trail period is for two weeks before your charged the course cost of $500 that is a one time charge for the course and you receive the full course of From the Womb to the tomb Your life is serious business only you can live it..Start Now along with the weekly workshop sessions that are designed to help you become clear on your  life vision  statement and mission as your putting your business together. 

You will receive mentoring group sessions that will allow us to come together get to know one another better and get your answers to your questions as we continue to live our lives and build our business. Participants are encouraged to submit their question in advance so that we can move through our group sessions in a timely fashion as our time is the one thing we never get back so let’s get the most out of our time together as we continue to grow.

we ask that each participant take the values determination process located on the website it’s free as this process will help you get clear as to what it is that you truly value in your life and help you focus on your life reality verse keeping yourself stuck in a fantasy of your life. You may even what to take a look at the course selection as it maybe something in it that also aid you during your transformative journey.

You also may want to take a peek at the One Minute to Millions to begin learning how to pitch under 1 minute with the dynamic Forbes Riley at the One minute to millions boot camp for those more advance students that know what their target goals are and wish to achieve them early in the growth process.

As you start your assessment take the value determination you will begin to gain more clearity and insight as to where you feel you will really make the best impact and difference in your life and others.  We we started out we discussed the individual that always talked about living their dream life what ever it is yet never taken the step to do any of it.  We don’t want that to be you so put your motivation to work and get into action and start today.

As you no Time waits for  no one and it’s always in motion so make sure you are ready for the best journey of your life while you create it….

Never lose your curiosity for life and start the course today…


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