When the Real You Begins to Reveal It's Self

Well, my life has been no crystal stairs I have had my valley and my peaks and the journey isn't over so I suspect that there are more to come. Those who follow me know that I am pretty personal able and my journey has been pretty much documented weather good or bad, basically because I am an emotional person with passion that wears her heart on her sleeve or so I have been told. I am finding that being in business this can be frowned upon and can reflect in the success of your business and future business partnerships/collaborations.

No one wants to work with some one who is not able to control their emotional outburst that can cause them to loose focus. Well, my thought on that is to bad for them as they are missing out on one unique dynamic being, woman. 

Starting out in this business you will hear some of these terms;

build your Brand Identity

optimize your business

 know your audience

 Scale your business

 structure your business



 virtual address and phone number

 marketing strategy






 CPA (cost per action)

 R.O.I (return on investment) positive and negative

 ATC (average total cost)

 IC (inventory control) or (independent contractor)

 API (application program interface)

 There is also LLA's (some testing structure), Retargeting, New creations, manual bid with max bid and this is just a few from the terms as there are more. Then to top it off you are told to know your numbers. Because if you don't know your numbers you don't have a business period. You have an expensive hobby.

Although all this may appear to be intimidating and foreign to the person with no back ground experience in the marketing field . It can become foggy and as your reading and applying one can become a little confused, I was starting out in business. Let alone know how to create revenue, conversion rate and boost average orders and or services to grow the business. So I asked for help when needed by the platforms guru's and signed up for a few other mini courses like My Ecom Club,  Istack,  Training, and listening to motivational speakers and mind valley speakers to help keep me on track and give me a better understanding in this new adventure.

I soon began to see some results and guess what I found my numbers.

From the moment the store went live this is actual data:

March 1, 2018 - April 1, 2018

                                           Visitors                 Sessions

Summary                             37                        47

Social Media

Direct                                  19                         46

Search                                  1                          1


April 2, 2018 - May 6, 2018

                                        Visitors                Sessions

Summary                         350                      384

Social Media                     208                      214

Direct                                 76                      164

Search                                 6                          6





New York








West Virginia


1 to 3 visitors during this time frame on a $35.00 marketing budget now I don't think that's bad at all. With the help of my virtual employee "Kit app". I believe my very first sale was in the month of June 2018 - July 2018. I say it's worth the investment, work, time and commitment I have put in so far and I am continuing.

One of my favorite speakers to listen to is Mr. Les Brown and I love the speech he gave with the phrase, " Make it okay to fail, Have Faith and Ignorance, Leap and grow your wings on the way down!" And then he provides five reason's why you wont fail.

Great inspiration for every day another inspiration to read is Gary Vaynerchuk, Book entitled "Crushing It!" " An entrepreneur is someone who finds a way." -Shaun "Shonduras" McBride an exert from the book mentioned above. Really good read and insightful. As this journey is going I am new to the community and I am making my way with a little help as I go. 

I shared this reasons being that if anyone feels that this may be the avenue for them to create residual income I welcome you aboard of the most life altering experience you could possibly imagine.

If your fearful of the  journey I want you to know that I understand. I watched a interview with  David Laroch and Lisa Nichols titled" Learn to love your life and yourself"  and after listening to the commentary it gave me a light bulb moment.

Some of my fear went away because I realize that it's okay to be authentically me and what other's may think of me is none of my business even in business. Many  times along this journey I have been asked what is my why? 

I was having difficulty figuring out my why, now don't get me wrong I had and have many reason's as to why I choose to start my own business but it wasn't until I saw my own shadow from my own light that I was able to unveil my why?

Now, I stubble on a term called the " Feminine Shadow" which is defined as the part of ourselves that is unknown to ourselves and  to others. The shadow contains both positive and negative aspects of ourselves and represents unlived parts of our lives. www.womenlovepower.com Aspects of the 7 Feminine Archetypes "Shadow".   According to psychologist Carl Jung, archetypes are universal images that form the basis of all our instinctive, unlearned behavior, that has positive and negative traits. Our persona represent emotional blind spots-excess baggage, the passions and tendencies by which we self-sabotage. Dr. Carl Jung list these as the seven Achetypes and they are:

The Sage (The Devil Wears Prada film character Miranda Priestly)

The Huntress (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo film character Lisbeth Salander)

The Mystic (Arsenic & Old Lace film character Abbey and Martha Brewster)

The Queen (Mommie Dearest film character Joan Crawford)

The Mother (Stella Dallas film character Stella Martin)

The Maiden ( Clueless film character Cher Horowitz)

The Lover (A thin Line Between Love and Hate film character Brandi)

It's a really good article to read when one get's the time. Any whoo, it was after listening, reading, and talks with those closest to me and a few not so close that I figured out that on any given day any of these shadows can appear and they have in various area's of my life over time. Which brings me to defining my why and it has a lot to do with healing and forgiving myself for pushing me hard and long, after years of over coming challenges and obstacles I finally can allow myself to concentrate on the betterment of myself in the areas of health & wellness and over all being. 

Having reared two children and going through life experiences (marriage/divorce/broken relationships-loss/death of loved ones) while still keeping my children safe from harm and teaching them respect for themselves and others, moral,values, and kindness to be independent of me. All a while my actions showed them more then my words every could. Helping with my grand children and caring for my loved ones when needed. I realize that along the way. I forgot to take care of me, Tia. It wasn't until I was like six months into my new journey that I realized just how much of a presence I had in everyone's life meeting every need possible in my power.  Some may call it people pleasing I call it taking care of my family and friends/associates.

I realized that I have been spending so much of my life making it happen for everyone except me. Doing what I thought was making others happy and not me. And it is through this journey that I am discovering that what I desire and dream of can come to manifest itself. In my imperfect weird way, loving me as I continue to grow. I am excited about my new adventures that awaits me. Many times I have just sat back a did as I was told and today I do things differently. I do things today that will impact my life on a larger scale. I am opening my mind to new opportunities and learning to be okay with taking a loss or not looking so good among the masses.

As I learn I grow in ways that I never though could have been possible had I not taken this journey. I can only imagine now how it would have been but I rather keep focus on all that is possible and if I should lose my way or stray from my path. I remember that all I have to do is get back on it. If something doesn't work than I can change how I  am doing them and start a new all over again.

I am learning to accept my flaws and all that is right and okay with me. It's only the beginning of the journey so, if I was to allow fear, doubt and shame to get in the way it would be a disservice to myself and the world. So I ask for help when I need it and I invest wisely in the things that are going to enhance my life and  my wanteterprenuering spirit.

I do this by:

Managing my time  (work in progress as somethings may take longer)

Completing task and being okay with having to go back if unable to

Not getting to bent out of shape if I am unable to do things that I have set out to do

Taking time to relax and enjoy my family when needed or as needed

These are just a few was I still have time and room to incorporate other ways to help me work more efficiently in ways that will help me enhance my productivity like getting the proper rest so that I can continue to enjoy the journey and get clear on where I wish to go in achieving yet another level of success in my life.


 The key to anything is to prepare a head. I know that my day is coming just like when I pack my lunch in this insulated tote for work. If I place a well balanced meal with healthy snack choices and water for nourishment. I will have the a more productive day. 

So if your new to  this journey don't be so quick to give up because things aren't as you would have expected them to be at this very moment. As the moment you give up; had you gone just a little more your break through would be around the corner up the road.

The key is to set SMART Goals:






 Our own individual lifestyle will dictate most of how things will get scheduled you just have to be mindful of your business goals and set the time to do them. Work as much as you can when you can or as little as you can in the little time you can. It's really up to you and how things will get implemented.

If any of this information was helpful to you please leave a comment. I would love to read your input. As we are all unique in our own ways and learn from one another.


Best wishes in your success.





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