What Makes You Insecure?

Many Americans today are working toward getting out of debt to have more of their own money in their pocket verse going out where it does not serve them. Those who may be employed and have children Penny, Buck and Bill to care for and their parents long term care as time goes on throughout the journey. Do you have fear of having to depend on your children during your later years and or should you get sick or become ill? What age are you currently? How long do you plan to live? How much debt do you have? Did you know that minors can't inherit money?

How well is your life plan?

Income% - debt to income ratio

Investment%  - pension plan, mutual fund, stocks and or bonds

Long-Term Care Insurance ( Is it for you or not for you/ at what age should you purchase it if you need to purchase it at all)

Life Insurance- Whole life verse Term life 

Will & Trust - Medical Power of Attorney, Financial Power of Attorney and more

Well if your one that is beginning to take life just a little bit more serious than the weekend party train. Do not get me wrong because we all enjoy a good party however, you can enjoy the party more if you knew that you had all your ducks in a row, wouldn't you?

What if I told you that within six months to one year that you could  be on your way to crating a debt free life and lifestyle. Not only that you could possibly increase your credit, begin planning for your future personal and financial goals and more. If you rent, is your timely paid monthly payments working towards improving your financial score? Imagine student loan debt, credit debt, repossessions and more can be deleted from your financial report. How would  you like to improve your life in various area's? What are you going to do to ensure that you are the one to  improve your life? Are you doing what you love?

Six years ago I just knew I was in the career that I had always dreamed of and believe it or not I actually like what I do. Yes, just like many other Americans, I too accrued student loan debt, car repos, financial hardships and to top it all off I cared for my parents during their time of failing health until they transitioned and let me tell you it was not cat walk in the park either.

2016-2017 that career job that I love so much began to not love me as I loved it when due to lost time from work during the care of my loved ones lead me to a 9 week suspension,  I experienced office bulling which many don't or wont really talk about and on top of all that I had to figure out who I am all over again as my life experience lead me to being a care giver, first as a parent, professional and now personal smh to say the least I was devastated but I knew that there had to be more to life.

I was grateful, to had listen to my elders and started working on getting some plans together for my retirement early in life through retirement plans through my employer. Did you do that over 80% of Americans do not take retirement planning as serious as they should? However, what I was not prepared for was the responsibility that often comes along with being an adult. As often times you don't really have a choice as to care for your children or aging parents and when you do are they the best  choices for the whole family and the one who is being cared for? Any way 2016-2017 was the beginning of the change of my life. The job I once thought was the place to be for the rest of my life showed me that you should never get that comfortable with any place of employment unless you own it.

I had attempted to address my financial issues over the years however, when I joined UCES Protection Plan Membership within the first year my financial situation began to change, my student loans, car reposes and credit issues were deleted from my financial report. You can imagine the joy felt as I am moving closer to my financial goals of learning how to manage money and rebuild my financial situation from a high debt to  income ration to a decrease debt to income ration that will lead me to one day have my money working for me instead of going away from me. Budgeting tools, Savings goals, your  Net Worth Calculator and  more will get you well on your way.

What are some of the reasons we will not get serious with our finances are the thoughts and beliefs we have around our money and wealth that causes blocks in our life period. As Financial literacy was not really taught in school and if you were blessed to catch Suze Ormand on WHYY television you just didn't get it. Well today that does not have to be the case for families as the YFL Mint program developed out of the UCES  & FES Protection Plan Membership provides $2 from every membership program toward the Youth Financial Literacy Foundation how cool is that! 

We can now provide the children in our lives the same advantage right from the convivence of your home. I know we just went  through the whole home schooling process but this YFL Mint program can be geared to getting Bill, Buck and Penny financial literacy ready before they are ready to ensure that the generational curse of debt will be removed and lifted out of the family link forever. Amazing right.

All I can say is that you will have to try it for yourself to see the affects it will have on  your life. Develop your life plan and figure out weather your feet are in the money life boat together or separate. Should  you identify that your feet are in two different boats, hustle you tail to get in one boat the ride will be much better. If you continue to stand in two different boats when they begin to drift away from one another boy oh boy good luck, don't wish to see any one split in two.

So, whatever it is that is making you feel insecure.

Fix it and I  mean get started today as this is when the change begins to take place. Hope this article was helpful as always we thank you for staying with us along our journey. As it will be so great to meet everyone at the top!

Have an amazing April, 2021 90 days down and 275 days to go. That 1% in the right direction begins the journey. Are you starting today?

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