What Does It Mean To Reach Ones Highest Self?


It's amazing to be brave and courageous enough to take responsibility for the well being of your entire life. The steps to become a business owner is not one that we take everyday and for some they never will take the opportunity because they may feel the risk are to high.  There was a time when many of us believed that working for someone else would give us the live we desired to live. However, that is far from the truth for most of us especially during this time of uncertain times.  Many of us live paycheck to paycheck and unless we did well with our income tax refund and though far enough to invest into some sort of profit long term investment guided or unguided, most will find that they are still struggling to make the bills and live the life they would like but not without sacrifice.

The sacrifice of time from their families, personal time and financial freedom while still carrying debt and struggling to become debt free. It's a viscous cycle we live year after year many thinking that they will never get free. It's not that we don't want to live a life we desire but we are taught from a child to go to school and get a job and today we still use the same formula for our children. However, that may not be the case for many of our grand children. So how are we going to ensure that our future generations have a healthy financial life that will provide them the life they deserve for generations to come?

For some it will be business ownership and other's obtaining a job will be a choice we hope. With all the changes going on we really have to think about how we are setting our children and our children's children futures up. But how do we do that? We have to first start with ourselves. The choice to become the driving force in your own life requires more than having a job ever will and the benefits are greater than just having earnings from an employer but many will give up long before they ever can see the benefits from their labor. Why is this?

Could it be that we don't believe enough in ourselves to complete the work that we need to do in order to overcome all challenges and obstacles to become our greatest self. Or is it that we realize that the things that are not apart of the new life we desire to create we have to let them go and or change how we do certain things as we go along the journey toward our greater self. Becoming our greater self is more than just part of becoming an employee or business owner.  The journey requires grit to stick with it in order to see the outcome with ourselves and our lives.

  Many times the beginning of the journey is the search for something more than ourselves and the desire to create something meaningful, useful and helpful to the world and the people in it. There are many ways to be a positive light in the world. You can join agencies and or community collectives that are doing what you have the desire to do but instead of inventing the wheel we join others that are already doing what we like to do and provide services, aide and or help to get them to their desired goal of helping other in the world.

Becoming a business owner is also another way to do the same through joining like minded people that are already on the path and mission of helping other's change their life for the better. When you start out your goal maybe start out being to help at least 100 people.  So you join those who are doing and helping people with their needs and or assist them in obtaining the adventure they are seeking.  The task seems simple enough, right?

 As you began to put it all together you first must assess and examine your own life and where you are and what do you need to do to help yourself so that you can then help others. You may have to seek professional help as you go along the way as issues may arise from your childhood, family issues, caring for a loved one, relationship issues, life trauma, or simply just to build your courage to continue past whatever is blocking you from where you are now and where you desire to be. Yes, the work can be hard and challenging but you can make it through with the right support and tools to push you through it to get you to the other side. These things we face can be known or unknow to us and manifest as we grow through the journey.

If your desire is to help those who are transitional and not stable in life what steps would you have to take to get them the help they may need?  First you must identify the population, group, or category in which you like to help. You must be mindful that what you desire to help get them on a stable ground you will have to first listen to hear what their major need is in order to get to where you like to take them as they may not be ready for what you have to offer, even if it is going to benefit them. In identifying the needs are they personal, financial, physical, mental or spiritual?

Over the years of serving so many it's often that what brings them to the service is not the root of what got them to the services to begin with, so it requires a little more time and effort on both the consumer, client or individual provider and the time allotted to get it back in order where they can be open to receive what it is that we wish to offer and or provide them to help them to obtain a better life and lifestyle.


In efforts to having the desire to want to help other's we have to take the time to learn the individual that we are helping. It may require a few peer to peer counseling sessions or an invitation to a community that will offer peer to peer help and guidance along the journey. A community of professionals as well as everyday people that have over come many life challenges that share how they came through can be of assistance in the needs of the person www.LifeGuides.com is one resource to gain some help as you go about building and or navigating through many life challenges.

Sharing personal things with someone that you can resonate with their story and say, Yes, I am not alone and if they did it! So can I! Is just the beginning. Other times it can be financial hardship that brings an individual to where they are. Be it poor to bad credit and or poor spending and money management habits. The inability to gain to control over their income and expenses given life can through us some income curve balls that can change our lives forever if we never address and or take care of them.  So weather it's getting financial assistance from social services programs, unemployment or workmen's compensation we do our best to help provide them a sense of confidence as having an income always appears to make people more confident about how they are managing their life. Or they are working but their income just does not meet all the needs, you know more monthly expenses then income and that's basically most American's today. However, their is a why to create more and get your financial life back on track https://youtu.be/r_ZVjcUKIRM  some will take it other's will pass because they can only see their present situation and not their future situations of being better. Other's will move on it right away and take the steps needed to get them started on a better path of seeing their way clear http://trodgers4.whatisuces.com/explained?mtid=32916&p=a no matter how you may approach it. Just know that nothing will ever change if you don't change it. It's almost as if you what good health but wont stop doing the habits that is giving you bad health, crazy, sad buy true for some.

In achieving your greater self you will have to do some ordinary things extraordinarily on a daily bases. It may require you to change what you do and what you use to obtain this good healthy lifestyle  and if your going to also incorporate your family into this change you want them to know that these changes are to help make everyone better across the board and it will benefit the family as a whole. Easy not easy as many dislike any changes that may take place and have to warm up to them as they are being implemented.

Eating more healthier, getting out and getting more exercise possibly taking vitamins and minerals to add in the wellness process among many other things as even the products we use to clean our homes maybe toxic and we don't know it because it's what our parents and or care givers always used so we use it too.  Today we have so many ways to take control of our health and our families health simply by choosing to be an educated shopper https://www.melaleuca.com/tiarodgers and educating ourselves on  our health and ways to continue to improve and or manage through whatever maybe aliening us.  Don't panic as these changes will not happen over night but they will happen over time. As you learn more and grow more in the efforts of achieving your greater self.

Will we all achieve the enlightenment of our greater self? Only time will tell as we continue on this journey called life. It will all depend on the level of responsibility one decides to take to achieve it or to at least begin the process of it working towards it. As we continue to grow and learn for ourselves it is than that we can teach others to do the same. and help them toward the keys of taking control and ownership in the happenings of their life. Now is everything under our control No, because in life. Life will happen and some times bad things happen to good people no matter how they are living their life but we try to control whatever we can to ensure that we live the best life possible.


 Now if your goal is to help 100 people, what will that help look like? How will you meet your goal? Will it require join others that are doing what you would like to do in order to help you achieve that goal?  The number 100 people may appear to me a small number but if you are able to help 100 people and they are able to help themselves and then go out and help 100 people the number of people helped will grow exponentially would you agree?

Yes, we can leave our life to chance or we can take responsibility of our lives and began to create more and do more for more than we ever imagined. Will that task be easy No. Will everyone want your help No. But if you continue to seek out those who could possibly benefit from the help you offer will you achieve your goal? 

In the process of reaching your greatest self you will find that it requires a lot of selfless efforts. Learning to accept that sometimes there will be no apologies, no closure to beginnings and endings, there may even be times when you feel alone and not being as effect as you would like to be and then all of a sudden. The doors open where people are open and receptive to the help you desire to provide. Believing in your ability to do anything that you would like to do in this world is definitely possible as long as it's not harming or bringing harm to another. Achieving ones goals and finding ones higher greater being is all a process one that you have to allow the time to manifest into your life. It will require love of self and other, faith and the ability to stay the course no matter how long it maybe before you actually achieve and or see the greatness in you and in others.

Do you have the time to pursue your greatness?

Are you willing to do what's required to achieve it?

What do you have right now that you can start today in the process?

What do you know about the steps you need to take?

Who do you know that can help you get the desired outcome you wish to see?

Everyone at some point may or may not ask these questions of themselves as it's not something we discuss on a regular bases unless your surrounded by those who have and or are doing this daily and have been for a number of years. So these questions may appear strange or unknow to you. They say that you will become the some of the five people you surround yourself with daily.

Have you taken inventory of the people you spend your time with?

Are they goal getters?

Are they working toward creating a better life?

Can you visualize you achieving your greatest self?

Will your life goals change as a result of becoming your greatest self that will reflect not just to other but the world?

Thank you for taking the time to read this article because if you made it this far you are a pretty exceptional person and I appreciate your time. We want to wish you much success in life and we wish to see you and your gifts that you too will bring to the world before leaving it.

With the holidays upon us what steps are you taking to ensure that once the holidays are over and the new year begins that you will be in position toward better in your life and making your families life better at the same time along the journey.

Be blessed and we wish you peace and blessing in the holiday season.

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