What Does Failing Forward Look Like?

 We all have something that drives us and when your failing forward it feels like when you know you needed to through the sugar out the cub Bert  or cut back on those cups of coffee throughout your day.  You continue to do your best and even though you indulge sometimes, you committed more to keep the drive and get your health together that eventually you don’t miss the sugar or coffee and you feel fabulous.

Whenever you start anything it’s a given that it will take time before it feels like second nature to you. You swing the bat at life and you strike out more than you make home runs, yet you continue to go to practice and show up for every game because you know that the next time could be that home run or that very thing that makes the difference in your life. You discover strengths in you that you didn’t know that you poses. As the layers peel away you discover the new of life and he beautiful light of truly living it.

As you continue to push forward and discover that you were limiting yourself and your life prior to making the changes you have made. Today you plan has a wide world view and it’s so amazing that no matter what your committed to do as much as you can before this life as you know it is over.  As you reflect on where you been, where you are presently and where your going the world doesn’t feel so bad.

Failing forward feels a lot like wind beneath ones wings. As you ride the wind currents and see the world and life from a different perspective you now know that it’s all in you. 

Fear- Feel it and do it anyway

Doubt- Feel it and do it anyway

Uncertain- Do it anyway until your certain

Keep seeking the you in you and rise to the top as you discover and uncover the best parts of you to come. Don’t hold back as life is meant to be lived. And you get to decide how you will choose to live it. You covered some miles in 2021 and you will cover more in 2022. 

Today is the turn into a new chapter, today is the first day of the next 365 days of your life.

Will you fail forward or continue to be a spectator?

Are you a fan or a player in the journey of your life?

We all get the same 24 hours and don’t waste one minute. Growing learning healing we all do it.  Your healing blessing could be the difference to someone else simply because you never gave up.

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