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"Embracing the Risks of Life: The Journey from Birth to Authenticity"

Life is a series of choices, and among the most transformative choices are those that involve taking risks. These risks have the power to shape our journey and define who we become. In this article, we will explore the impact of risk-taking at various stages of life, from birth to old age, and how it leads us on a path towards authenticity.

The first risk we take is entering the world. It's a leap into the unknown, and it sets the stage for a lifetime of risk-taking. As infants, we learn and grow through exploration, trial, and error.

Childhood is a time of curiosity and discovery. Every new experience, from making friends to trying new activities, involves an element of risk. These early risks lay the foundation for learning and growth.

As teenagers, we take risks to discover our identity. This might involve pursuing passions, standing up for our beliefs, or exploring new friendships. These risks help us understand who we are.

Entering adulthood often means taking significant risks, such as pursuing higher education, changing careers, or starting a family. These risks have the potential to shape our future.

In midlife, we often find ourselves balancing responsibilities with the desire for personal growth. Taking calculated risks can lead to new opportunities, such as starting a business or pursuing a long-held dream.

In old age, we reflect on the risks we've taken and the impact they've had on our lives. Risk-taking becomes a source of wisdom, allowing us to share our experiences with the next generation.

Risk-taking comes with its pros and cons. Pros include personal growth, resilience, and the potential for great success. Cons may involve failure, uncertainty, and setbacks. However, it's through both pros and cons that we evolve.

Authenticity is the culmination of a life lived with courage. It means being true to oneself, even when it's challenging. The risks we've taken throughout our journey lead us to authenticity.

Life is a series of risks, each one contributing to our evolution and shaping us into our authentic selves. From birth to old age, the risks we take define our path and our character. While risk-taking can be daunting, it's through these challenges that we discover who we truly are and what we're capable of achieving.

Embrace the risks, for they are the threads that weave the tapestry of your life. Embrace authenticity, for it is the ultimate reward of a risk-taking life.

It was through the adolescent years I realized my children needed me the most. It was challenging to accept them for who they were becoming. Learning to allow them to make their own mistakes and take the steps to correct them as they transition from adolescents to adulthood. It was a growth developmental period of our lives, as they choose the life they desire to live and are still going for their imagined ideal life dream for themselves and their families that they now have been blessed to create. So many times, as parents we are so use to saving the day for our children that sometimes we fail at allowing them the experience to learn how to save themselves and that’s often the hardest thing to watch as a parent especially when you know that you have provide them all that you had to give to show them better ways to deal and handle life. It’s true you can parent but it’s not the parenting that you received it’s the parenting you learned as you learned your children because each are unique in their own right and ways.   

As the parent in the household and working on improving myself so that I could improve my family was no easy task. I sacrificed and took employment that fit around my children’s schedule for the most part of the beginning and middle of their lives. Once they were mature enough and exhibited that they could handle more responsibility in governing themselves. I venture into employment that would allow me to work longer hours in hopes to earn money to pay down the debt that I was creating during the process of growing myself through higher learning. There were many challenges during this time and life was happing and I was playing the role for my life during the period as well. Sometimes I make the grade and other times I had to repeat the subject matter due to not showing that I grasp a clear understanding or maybe the professors didn’t see my answers as qualified for the academia world non the less I did my best until it just began to get over whelming and the load began to get heavier especially when one of my children fell into the juvenile justice system through the default of not wanting to follow my rules and do as instruct.

During periods of our adolescents lives we will make choices based on our fear of the consequences of our parents, peer’s influence and or bond they developed with one another or simply the desire to identify with who we are and what our role is in the world.  Each one knowing that they could have made a better choice but faced the consequences that came with the choice. This period of life was very sad and heart heavy because for the very first time I was not able to oversee my child and to add fuel to the fire with the pit falls that often come along with the systems and our adolescent sometimes high school age young adults or younger navigating through systems can be challenging and require more of the parent even with the help of the professional staff.

I found that taking the active parent role along with follow up and documentation was the vital key in every aspect.  When your child struggles during these adolescent periods it can be difficult as they are finding their way towards independence and for the parent the shame and guilt form questioning yourself, “where did you go wrong” as parents we are working and doing our best to provide the structure for our children to keep them safe. But what happens when they exercise their right to think for themselves and it leads to their interruption of their freedom. This interruption affects the entire family and can cause financial hardship as parents are responsible for paying support for their children that may go through the juvenile justice systems it can be challenging especially should they be unable to adjust to the structure rules and responsibilities during time served.

When our children go through changes in their growth, I believe that we as parents go through changes as well.  The fear works in miraculous ways not only in your children but in parents as well.  Fear motivates you in ways not even you could imagine. The fear you feel will make you freeze and stay in the fetal position at first, or it will cause you to fight or run away from what is causing the fear. Many times, fear isn’t really fear when we take a look at it and examine it. Fear comes along with life and it can either motivate you or discourage you to never become who your meant to become. For both the parent and the child but when you step up and let fear know that it cannot live in your space. Things begin to happen; it doesn’t mean that it leaves it simply means that you move in spite of it. When you take a look at fear you will see exactly what it is or isn’t. Now let’s not confuse fear with danger signs because they are quite different harmful situation and or circumstances should not be taken lightly and safety is very important and should be taken seriously and or handled by the proper authorities should it call for it. The fear I am speaking of is the type of fear like possibilities of a loss of a job, lover, husband or social peer group or financial hardship, just not knowing where to go.

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