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 One day I decided that my situation was not going to change if I couldn't come up  with a way to gain control over my life. I had no time for family or friends, no flexibility and I was broke. Now don't get me wrong I was not destitute I was just like most of Americans today a working parent with the basic needs responsibilities working pay check to pay check just to make ends meet.

It wasn't until the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 that I started to look seriously at my financial situation and the world I had created. I had been doing some research on e-commerce and working from home opportunities for about a good 4 years prior on my smart phone and laptop when ever I had a chance I enrolled in Sam Peters, Ditital Altitude Business Adventure and it was in this training that the light bulb came on for me and I shared that moment with a close associate and he told me his son's business with Shopify and he sent me a link.

So my next session with my wonderful coach Marili D whom was very informative about her platform and I inquired if she ever heard of Shopify and she said yes, but she was not familiar with  the plateform. We continued to discuss my training with Ditital Altitude Business Adventure and I was not able to fully commit at that time to move forward in my training and I agreed to get back in touch with Marili D when I was ready to all in and that was the early November 2017.

I was blessed to still have at least one of my jobs at the time but I knew that one income was not going to get everything done that I was working on and on top of all that I was recovering from exhaustion from working two full time jobs about a year and some. So I knew I had to start working smarter and not harder. One night after a long day at work I came home and finally took a look at the Shopify link and watched the tutorial by Cori on How to start your own shopify platform.

  1. 14 day Free Trial period if you decide to join you can for as low as $29.99 
  2. Free Apps (Products to add) and some paid apps to help you run your store.
  3. Obtain a Domain Name for $14 per year
  4.  Burst- Free Photos
  5. Hatchful- Free Logo
  6. Marketing starting as low as $35-$250

Please note: Business budgets & goals vary determined by the type of business your doing so this example here listed above is just a basic information source to go by if one was to decide this platform is for them.

I thought to myself wow, this could possible fit into my budget. I discussed it with a few family and friends to get their feedback and I must say that it was mixed feedback. I remember thinking, "Can you do this?'  "Are you going to be able to put in the time needed for this to come together?" "How are you going to do this? Your not computer savey." "How you gonna pay your bills and start a business?" All these thoughts were racing through my head. 

That weekend I had a sleepover with my grandchild and  once my grandchild settled down I was able to catch a YouTube recording of John Assaraf "How to Set and Achieve any Goal you have in Your Life." Goal setting stood out to me was obtaining clarity and focus to Achieve your goal.

  1. Goals:  *Health - * Financially - *Spiritually - * Debut free day- *Business or Career - *Relationships - *Legacy -*Set a Goal you have don't know how to achieved -*Charitable contribution-*Time and finances.
  2. Strategy +Tactics + Process  
  3. Habits (Change your routine) 
  4. Beliefs -*Explicit & Implicit 

If you haven't had a chance to see this recording please check it out. I just recently had the opportunity to watch one of he and his teams Brain- A- Thon and it was very enlightening and I wish I could have watched it to the end but life calls. However, after watching this You Tube recording and taking some time to go back to some goals that I was previously working on prior to my storm as I like to call it. This process took me about a good week to do but I started looking real good at the person in the mirror and I developed Tammise Market with Shopify. I must say the set up was not bad at all. Shopify and their partners provided all the training materials you will need to use their digtial drop shipping system that is already set up for you to ad your Themes, Pages, Blog post, products and more.

Shopify provides 24/7 customer support, marketing tools and analytic reports that tell the story of your store. I was so excited and amazed that even though I didn't have much computer skills I was getting the job done so I worked on building my store piece by piece so from December 2017 to April 2018 I worked days and nights to accomplish my goals in making sure store settings, Pages (about us, contact us, shipping, email ect.) was all in place. As these pages are very crucial to your new platform and your potential customers it provides authentic to your store.

One day I was working on my store and something just felt like it was missing so I called the support team Shopify Guru's these guys rock I tell you I would call all hours of the night and someone would answer and follow up via email to ensure I received the information need from whatever issue I was having and they still do however, I find that I don't have to call as much anymore. Well on this day I called and the guru did an inquiry upon my request and she said, everything is in place and looks good you can go live and start marketing congratulations and look up.

I was shocked so much so I didn't celebrate it as it should have been. I thanked the guru and went live and I watched my store come to life. I was terrified basically (Laughing) now I have to prepare marketing ads Now this is where for me the goal setting fell into the "Oooh NO," catagory I was scared to death yup you guessed it a "Stressaholic". This is where the mind set has to kick in yes, feel what you feel but I had to train my brain to think more positive then negative and it was a process as fear has a way of making me want to fight or flight. Grateful that I always choose flight in instances like this. So I told myself that it is okay to step away from things for a bit nothing will go wrong it will just run and it did and I did also. I was able to reconnect and pull myself back in and guess what I went back in with fresh eyes and continue to work.

I am so proud of the work that I have put in up to this point and excited about moving forward and really begin to change lives one family at a time. I will improve and become better as I go. So today I celebrate

 Through the testing of products and my new system. I have found that it takes exactly 17 days to receive the product and so far, I am very pleased with the quality of the products I have selected. So as I test and practice marketing I can go to my analytics and read reports and see what works and what does not work. 

In the beginning I worked everyday, night and weekends and now I work every weekend for a few hours and some evenings after work to get use to the new system and I am loving it. The only thing that I can compare this to is the process of having a child. Through the gestation process, birth, infancy, early childhood, and with that I am sure you get the picture. Soon I will have to obtain some help to improve my system in order for it to grow and just like your child's first day of day care. I have concerns but I know it's the process to help me learn more and develop greater use of my system platform. I am excited for the next phase and I hope you enjoy it also.


 Our products are good quality products and they are very comfortable. In the journey of eCommerce I wanted something I could be proud of and I believe I have hit the nail right on the head. This is my journey to financial, time and personal freedom. I encourage anyone that is looking to create residual income to come to shopify to begin their own journey. Remember you can choose your way, it is your journey. Anything worth having requires the time energy and effort to make it work. As dreams only work if you do.

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