Don't You Ever Give Up!

You ever experience feeling like what the heck, I  can't catch a break things are coming left and right and you still have to function your duties because if you don't things will not get down?

Well, guess what your not the only one. Everyone has a story to tell and even if a few individual stories sound similar I promise you that their experience was unique and parallel to one another. I tell you what maybe a common them to those who choose to not let whatever is coming their way stop their movement to get through it. 

Many of us are very uncomfortable with change even though change happens daily many times without us knowing they are happening. Before you know change happens right before your eyes. Weather your open to change or not its what you do in the process of change that makes all the difference.

In my previous blog post titled " When The Real You Begins to Reveal It's Self"  I wrote about how the journey is going to have valleys and peaks. I also shared how I found my numbers in the journey. All the time fighting through changes in my life where all my fears appeared and there was no where to hide nor run to get away from them. The only way to handle and deal with my fears I had no other choice but to deal with them head on and still stay committed to my new journey.

Facing and grasping for the understanding of what was happening around me and for me praying daily sometimes I would pray for days all day through whisper prayers to get through. And long and behold I made my first sale in one week.  Take a look see:

 Date:                   Charges           Refunds      Adjustments     Fees     Total

4/5/2018                $49.00              $0.00           $0.00             -$1.72      $47.88

4/3/2018                $30.00               $0.00           $0.00           -$1.17       $28.83

Well it was in that moment that I knew that I was going to have to embrace this journey and all that will come along with it. You know they say be careful of what you ask for as you will get it. As I have gone along this journey I can say that everything I  have asked God for he has given me. However, I must admit that I was not ready for it all but I learned to handle it. It was tough in the beginning but the more I took the steps needed to get through them. No, it wasn't pleasant all the time and the pleasant times where short and the work was long.

I wish I could tell you that I never gave up, never performed my best drama in the mist of challenges, obstacles, life altering experiences but I can't. I am very much  human and sometimes the process is very painful as you work your way through and life is going to continue to happen and guess what; I cry, yell, scream and stomp my feet and lay in the fetal position when it does. However, I never stay  in these moods to long but long enough for me to decide what the next step is to get back up, dry my eyes, stop the yelling and screaming, stomping my feet and move even if the direction isn't clear because as I keep moving things work out some requires me and other times things just work themselves out.

Getting through it may mean working from sun up to sun down, working evenings, weekends, missing events and gatherings which I did to get to the results that I am sharing with you above. There is always going to be work to do  and life is always going to happen but you should never ever give up and the moments in life where you may feel like giving up. Take the time to feel that experience look at why you are feeling and or what is making you feel what your feeling. Decide to work on it or discard it. I learned from experience that if you discard something don't go back and pick it up. Whatever need or purpose it filled doesn't fill it any more it will only distract and keep you from what really is to be in it's place. 

Sometimes I find that it is me that gets in my own way. Which causes me to go deeper to really start the process of change and believe you me it doesn't happen in a quick time. However, the things I love about me I keep loving them and the things that no longer serve me in my purpose to continue this life I either change them or let them go no matter how painful it maybe. Sometimes, you just have to be able to deal with things that you may have buried and or choose to ignore and deal with it and move on.

When I stop and think of all the different struggles I have over came. I am always amazed as how although I felt like I was not going to make, or wouldn't get through it I did every time, so why would any other time be any different. Most times I find that it's my reaction to what is happening around me and for me that makes the difference. An other times it's the anger, resentment of not dealing with the things head on at the time it may have happened. None the less I am making it one day and one step at a time.

I believe, in one of my blog post that I posted about healing and I am finding that in healing you have to allow your self to feel whatever it is that your feeling and get to the root of the ache that can make you sick the longer you tend to avoid it. I also have discovered that I have some good and bad characteristics but it doesn't stop me from being an awesome person.

I have been mocked, laughed at, picked on, called names, used and abused but I am still standing. I have come to the realization that in my passive aggressive ways I have made some decisions that have impacted my life not necessarily in a bad way either as I have found that I have the ability to still pray for others even after  whatever I feel has brought me harm, disrespect, deemed me powerless and or inflection as it all worked out for my good and theirs.

Which I believe as a believer in a higher power, God, Allah, Jehovah or whatever name you choose to use for the entity or supernatural being. Has designed for us to create heaven right her on earth. It's not always easy but it can be done. As we are only here for a short period of time and the mark we leave behind is the one all left behind will have to know of our existence. So do your best to make it memorable and pleasant and if your unable to make in this way. Just make an impact of change and motivation.

In never giving up, rest is very important as if your not properly rested and life happens on life terms. Your vision and focus will not be clear. I have found along this journey that because of the excitement of what could be can drive you to become addicted to many things in life and your business. This can be good or this can be bad. It's all in how you receive it and what steps you take to achieve it.

In this journey as I learn my way and share parts of my business and myself I can only pray that some where in my mess there is a message for someone that may be experiencing some of the things I have had the pleasure of sharing with you all. As my life and the mark I wish to leave behind is one that is filled with love, laughter, joy and a little drama with peace. And if just one person can say that she helped me to unlock something in myself to motivate me to keep going in spite of adversity. Then my life will have been complete.

This journey is no bed of roses and it isn't always going to be cute but you only get one so why not keep motivating yourself and others to go for what they want in life even if it means that everyone can't go with you, as the door is only wide enough for you.



Some times we set our own limits and walls, so when you feel like giving up. Just pause for a minute and take a deep breath and blow it out. Take the time to see what the real issue is and then address it and keep moving and don't dare build another wall as you will only close yourself in and others out. Take the time to be gentle with yourself as when we tend to be busy we forget that it's okay every thing doesn't have to be perfect but it has to work together and flow.

So every day no matter what your dealing with and or going through get up get dressed and show up in your life. Don't be afraid to go at it alone as there is peace in the journey alone because you will only be alone until you find the tribe that is just for you. The tribe that will understand what it took for you to get there and embrace you with all the love, care, respect and joy your heart can imagine.

Don't Give Up! Keep doing  and taking the steps as you go. You may not get it right all the time but you will as you continue.

Inspire and embrace yourself first and it will fall like pixie dust on others.

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