Challenges Are Part Of The Growth Process

Yes! We have completed the first full week of the New Year 2022 are you excited to be moving forward in life, love and pursuit of your dreams?  Our thoughts create our reality and over the years we learn just how important it is especially when you are feeling the growing pains that are developing the life that you are moving towards. If you have support it's a little better to get through but should you not have the support who do you rely on to help you through the low moments in life? 

Everyone has their own way of utilizing their coping skills when life gets a little uncertain. What you feed will grow know that if it's fear, anxiety, stress these are just some of the regular terms used. How often do we really take the time to assess and name what has brought it on., direct, indirect, the environment or simply just our own individual thoughts and action plays big parts in what we feel act and do in this thing called life. Only few humans will stop to assess what is happening to them. Seeking the answers to see just what is going that is causing these feelings. Some will blame others the environment and anyone or anything if the can, sometimes it doesn't have to make sense. Due to the freedom of speech we all have a voice some use it to free others and some use it to cause confuse and mess is just the simplest way to say it. The others may just go along just to get along. 2022 should not be the year of going along to get along we have to prepare to take on the torch for all those who have left their print on the earth. Many are looking away acting as if they don't see it or simply feel it's not their responsibility. The few that are taking the torch are doing their best to keep it lit and going forward to light the way for the next generation.


Every adult has a spoken and unspoken responsibility to create a life that will be the example first in their own life and then for others. It's a walk many will shy away from it as if this life we live comes without responsibility beyond just themselves. In  world where individualism is more honored than togetherness not everywhere but it's enough to make a serious impact on the world and the humans in it. 

Today, is very little difference but how long are we going to allow those who oppress continue to dictate. When are we going to take control of the life we live to create the life we want to live? The reason is that many rather be told what to do more so than to take the road less travel using the critical thinking and asking questions. Many will just do as they are told to do before they question the one telling them to do things that they clearly don't even agree nor feel comfortable with doing, yet they do it any way.  It's true that you either have it or not, you know that drive that no matter what comes your way. You know that you will never give up. This character trait does show in the very young and as adults we see it. Some of us nature it and some will do their best to break that spirit in the young but hears the madness of it all. When we nature it we provide a safe space that allows the creativity to become active early as well as having the opportunity help guide and develop it the young to help them learn how to develop that wonderful gift. The wonderful magic of life is that those who go through the process of being changed from being open and speaking up asking questions, it may take some work but even they will shine and make it  away to their origin of being.

Embrace you individuality enjoy the life you have many may not agree with your methodology, thoughts or way and that's perfectly ok. Just remember some will never change but you, yes you, your made of something different and you know it just as well as others. Just keep going because the life challenges are the sand paper you need to smooth the edges as your growing. As growth only stops when we are finished and just in case you haven't notice we all are far from finished so go make the best life you can and should you have some young people show them how to do the same.

What does the journey look like for you?

Is it different or the same?

What have you done in first 9 days of life that is going to position you in 2022 to win in 2023-24.

Tammise, like to thank your for reading our blogs and we hope that we are encouraging others to go for their dreams take care of yourself, family and live their life. Listen to the voice within that tells you that you got what it takes and go do what it do making a difference and impacts in the world leaving it a better.

Everyday isn't a good day but there's something good in everyday.

Peace and Blessing



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