Embrace the Infinite Possibilities of Life

The journey towards your ideal self is a tapestry woven with attention to information, precision in detail, bold innovation, and the unwavering ability to self-motivate and inspire. As you take action steps and persist in your pursuit of growth, remember that there are countless pathways to self-realization.

Embrace each day as an opportunity to learn, adapt, and evolve. You have within you the capacity to achieve your ideal self, one step at a time, one detail at a time, fueled by your inner motivation and guided by your self-inspiration.

With each innovative stride, you move closer to the authentic, fulfilled self you aspire to be.

What I found is that children over all are good children, it’s how they process the world they live in, the adults that are around them and their behaviors and actions, as well as their peer group of choice. It’s true that if you hang with people that are going nowhere, doing drugs and or selling drug’s, become a gang member, or a run-away nine times out of ten they will join them.  Now this does not apply to every child but the most minority. It wasn’t until the middle school years that I notice just how prevalent it was that many children did not live with their parents but where foster children and or lived with their grandparents which left them and their behavior school issues unaddressed or not dealt with except suspension from school or expulsion.

My heart went out for the children that did not have someone to speak for them and or show up for them in those years and it appeared to increase as they continued up the educational ladder. It was through my children that I was made aware of the number of children that live on the streets and pan handle and or steal to get their needs met. How does a parent deal with this? I remember one incident where my child did not make curfew and I panicked so I call 911 to report a missing person. When the officers came to the home, they asked questions about my child and if this was a behavior that occurs often. I shared my child’s behavior’s, current issues and that this was the first-time curfew was ever broken.

The officer explained to me that the child would have to be missing for at least 24 hours before a report could be made and that he was happy that I was a concerned parent. As many children are on the streets for days, months or more and their parents never report them missing. How terrible I thought to myself, what in the name of Jesus kind of parenting is that I thought to myself.

The fear of not wanting my children to think that I didn’t care for them I worked overtime to be the actively involved parent in their life. This did not please them but it worked, because they learned that I was willing to go the extra mile for them. It didn’t matter whether I worked days or night’s I made time for them and their educational activities so much so the principal of their school invited me to become a part of the school community coordinator and assist her in getting more parent participation.

I would report to work and accommodate the school activities into my everyday plan of life. Working nights allowed me to be available during the day to sit in my children’s classes to observe the class and the teachers. It provided me the experience to meet other parents from going door to door and speak with parents to express the importance of their presence in our schools for our children.

For every excuse and or reason parents came up with for not being involved I was able to counteract with it a response. Say they say, “I have to work” I would reply so do I, they say “I have to many children” my reply brings the children it would be great to have them participate as well. I was on a roll and refuse to take no for an answer.

This went on for quite some time and slowly but shortly we got parents to come. It took greeting parents before and after school to express the importance of our presents in our children’s education and many identified and many just supported because it was easier than coming up with and excuse or saying no to me for the umpteen time. It didn’t matter because our schools parent participation went up along with our school moral, we became a family school.

The human spirit is boundless, capable of achieving the extraordinary. Your potential knows no limits, and your dreams are the compass guiding you toward uncharted territory.

Don't confine yourself to societal norms or the constraints of conformity. Break free from the box that others may try to place you in. Your uniqueness is your strength.

Your passions and desires are the fuel for your journey. Embrace them wholeheartedly, for they will light your path and drive you forward.

School staff and parent relationships improved as well as did some of the school issues with our children went down. The school did improve to some extent but somewhere we lost the parents participation why? Don’t really know it could be a variety of reasons but when my children moved on so did I and I took that energy to the next level with them. Much different at the high school level as many parents identified with their children being grown and not having to be there because they had to work, but although our groups where smaller we still did our best to continue the parent teacher school relationships. Being actively involved in my children’s education open doors that allowed me to learn about our educational system on the community level as well as the state level.

I was able to participate in groups and sit at the table where discussions were held about our schools, the curriculum, school safety and more. I was able to experience along with my children the college bound programs offered to our children that was in place to help our children become introduced to college life to prepare them.  It was an amazing experience to participate on the different sides of our children’s education and to work alongside those who make the decision. The best parts where being able to add feedback that benefited the children for better schools until the Charter school came into play making it even harder for public schools to fight for their children and without parent participation things just began to unravel and now, we have more charter schools’ verse public schools in my community.

The standards we once held for our public educators soon began to decline when charter schools came into play. I said it then and I still stand by it today, that educators need to be educated in order to teach our children properly. I feel that uneducated educators may not have the skills and or tools to handle our children. Yet, that leads to other issues like what educators’ mindset is about our children given that they offer forgiveness if educators graduate and teach our inner-city children. Not everyone is equipped to handle and or understand the dynamics of our children and education. As an educator if you have a poor perspective of the children, the community and the people it will reflect in your performance of your duties as a teacher. There will be very little connection and since I can remember educators have been the educator, counselor, advocate, mentor, life changer for many students over years of education. This topic is one that has been discussed since the beginning of time when it comes to education and it’s a conversation we will unfortunately continue to have until there is a positive change with our educational system.

Every pursuit worth having comes with challenges, but your determination to succeed will carry you through. Take that leap of faith and defy the odds.

Life rewards those who dare to risk. Success often lies just beyond your comfort zone. Don't be afraid to venture into the unknown.

In life, you are the architect of your own destiny. Your dreams and aspirations are not meant to be confined; they are meant to be realized. The infinite possibilities that await you are a testament to your potential.


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