A New Year Is Now Upon Us Let the Journey Begin

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Say goodbye to the year 2022 take all the love it brought with you and leave all that has turned your life around as it has changed your direction forever. Many may have mixed feelings about the year 2022 but for the most part all is well in our soul’s.  Although 2022 is leaving and has taken some of the most precious gifts one could have in a life time. Some how some way we continue to make it through.  August is usually a happy time of year until this year, it’s hard saying goodbye to the one you love especially when you never intended to every be saying goodbye so early in the life growth process. As we move forward we are coming to grips with the fact that God needed him more to fulfill a more greater purpose in the universe.

Not blowing him up but he truly was the best son, brother, nephew, cousin, father and friend he could be on this earth not perfect just kind and good hearted. To me he was the best son in the world to have in your corner always there in all the good ways that a son his there for their mother and sister no hold bars. Even when he piss me off he filled my heart with so much joy. I am missing him like crazy trying my best not to get in my bag however, I will allow life to take me through this process because this was my greatest fear since he was born as a black man and well mannered intelligent man is and has always been public enemies number 1 and I pray for all of the ones that belong to me and those I know as it’s crazy that a black man can be hated on and for what his confidence the love he is surrounded with and strong families that have their back no matter what. It was an amazing 32 year journey that ended way to soon yet we must live life in spite of the lost.

The beautiful thing about this life is that we have loads of memories that I fear will fade over the years for some and never for others. As we hold onto one another and keep his memory alive there’s a void that can never be filled but God brings peace to our minds and hearts because we knew him for who he really was. Grateful for his seeds that are growing as time goes on we all will heal and eventually move on in our lives.

2023 is going to be an amazing year because the plans and dreams are the same although the participants are different the common interest is to continue to become better and wiser through it all.  Death is a part of life and as much as it hurst to begin this year without our loved one. His spirit is very strong just as he was in our life.  As we embark on this New Year  we enter it with Joy unspeakable Joy of the life we have. Entering the New Year with peace and love for one another even stronger then before if there’s such a thing and I believe it is.

A new year new life adventures praying all the way. Not because it’s fashionable but because it’s effective in our lives. Introducing the children to Christ in their early ages helped so much as they rebelled in the later adolescence phase only to return in the early adulthood phase. When I say that I got back everything that I put into them boy, that’s just putting it mildly. The good bad and indifferent more good than bad. The best is when the give me the encouragement that I provide them over the years and to see that they passed in along to their children I count that all good.

2023 we will be like water flowing along the way. Opening what is inside of us and bringing it outward with passion love and joy. See as I always said we have wealth in a different light because our wealth has been built with love, sacrifices, and work because all relationships are work. The one with yourself as well as with your loved one’s.  My prayer for this New Year is that more parents decide to put their children first over the party and the strange desire to have friends. No your children are not your friends but they are the most important people in your life and nothing should ever come between that, no man, no woman just you and the children or if your parents together if you love to created them make sure you continue to love to take care of them. 

As the New Year is rolling in make sure to take some time to enjoy every  moment of life that is given as we all have this journey to live and live it we shall as what is a head of us God has already blessed no matter what happens in the journey know that you will have the victory. As the battle is not yours it’s the Lord’s and he knows that your worthy of all this life has to offer. So make sure to live it to the fullest. 

Wishing everyone a blessed amazing prosperous New Year! 

Don’t forget to be Awesome!!!!


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